Travel Tips

  • How to get visa:-
    • E-visa through the link
    • By application to any Moldavian embassy.
    • Cost of visa is 80 euro.

  • Before traveling must be sure of:-
    • Visa.
    • Tickets.
    • Health insurance policy.
    • Hotel reservation.

  • In the airport:-
    • Passport.
    • Visa hard copy.

  • Outside the airport:-
    • Use the airport taxi and be sure of the address you are going to.

Tourism in Moldova

Accommodation at Chisinau

  • Here are the best hotels in Chisinau, Radisson blu , Nobil, Berd’s, Diplomat club, Club royal park .
  • There are more hotels just to search by writing (hotels in Chisinau ).

Excursions and Entertainment Programs

  • Usually hotels make these programs as the preferences of the guests as per each category of the guests.