Do and Don't

Emergency Guidance (regarding to country hosting)   

  • In the case of an earthquake:-

    • You must be calm and, calm down the people who are around you.

    • If you are inside a building does not go out and run on the stairs, also should not use the elevator.

    • Must stand under the door structure, or an internal wall or under a table.

  • In the case of losing or exposure to the theft of the passport or identity:

    • You must inform the embassy.

    • And go to the nearest police station to open a communication in this regard, and to inform the Qatari Embassy so.

  • According to the text of the Moldovan laws, in case a problem occurs, on the Moldovan assigned to provide a sworn translator for the person and a lawyer by the state, or you can bring in a special counsel to yourself if available.

  • You must abide by the side of caution when using ATM's and filling in forms over the Internet.

  • Do not mortgage your passport or ID card at any point in any case.

  • We should not carry large sums of money and not to carry gold jewelry and valuables while on the move and replace it with credit cards..

  • There are certain things must be mentioned when you use a credit card and borrowing from the ATM machine to prevent others from obtaining details and theft or use your card.

  • Tell the bank immediately when you lose your card or think it has been stolen to enable the bank to prevent anyone else from using it. Some banks may charge fees if you do not inform them immediately.

  • Let the personal number is always hidden when using the machine and make sure you do so in confidence.

  • Note: If you are staying in a hotel, you should keep your passport in the Central Treasury of the hotel.